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A message from our Administrator, Chuck Johnson

A message from our Administrator, Chuck Johnson:

From an early age I felt called to a life of service. My choice of a career in healthcare allowed me to follow that calling and, hopefully, add value to the lives of those I cared for. I was also compelled to join the military and found an even higher purpose as a combat medic in the field, caring for wounded service men and women. I look back at my 22 years of military service with a great deal of pride and respect for my fellow veterans. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about those brave souls whose lives were forever changed, and sometimes forfeited, in service of our country.

Which brings me to a life changing personal decision that I recently made. After much prayer and contemplation, I have accepted the position of Superintendent at the Michael J. Fitzmaurice State Veterans Home in Hot Springs. The opportunity to continue to serve by caring and advocating for veterans was something I could not pass up, even though my time at Bethel has been fulfilling both personally and professionally.

We are often called to make difficult decisions, and leaving Bethel is one of the more difficult ones I have made. The staff is caring and capable and devoted to the Bethel community. Every day I see them respond to our residents with skill and compassion, and it gives me confidence that they will continue that course through this change in leadership.

The military taught me to look at situations and circumstances in life and my role in them as being part of something larger than any one person. I believe I carried that philosophy over to my work in healthcare and especially at Bethel, where the team of nurses, department managers, staff, and the governing and foundation boards, move in tandem for the greater good of the organization. I am grateful for the chance to work with this fine group of individuals and wish them well in the future.

Part of my heart will remain with the residents who make up the Bethel community. Through the challenges of a flood, to the trials of a pandemic, our residents remained resilient, fighting fear and sickness with a strong and abiding faith.

Thank you for supporting me in my role at Bethel. You are what makes this community so special. I will stay in touch and think of you all often.

God’s blessings.