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2020 Christmas Gifts


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2020 Christmas Gifts
Thank You for your generosity this season!

  • Marco and Amanda Aliperta
    In Honor of
    Grandma, Jean Collignon

    Louis Alverson
    In Memory of Eugene Alverson

    Norm Andenas and
    Cecelia Wittmayer

    Christmas Benefactor

    Terry and Carol Andersen
    In Memory of Wilma Gerth

  • Rich and Liz Avery
    In Memory of Jacqueline Vanhove

    Roger and Sandra Ayers
    In Memory of
    Arthur & Selma Borgard

    John and Darlene Basler
    Christmas Gift

    Robert and Carolyn Bauman
    In Memory of Peggy Kirstein

  • Ethelle Bean
    In Memory of Ethel Bean

    Karl Bean
    In Memory of Ethel Bean

    Jay and Sharon Begnaud
    Gift for Giving Tuesday

    Ann Belatti
    Christmas Gift

  • Dr. Richard Belatti
    In Memory of Marilyn Belatti

    John Belatti
    In Memory of Marilyn Belatti

    Greg and Vonnie Benda
    In Memory of Jeff Benda

    Carsten and Karen Bergheim
    In Memory of Joe Bergheim

  • Wayne and Dawn Bessman
    Christmas Gift

    Bethany Lutheran Church WELCA
    Christmas Church Gift

    Irma Beukelman
    In Honor of Elsie Wiese

    Joan Bloom-Manthey
    In Memory of Ruth Boetel

  • Myrtle Boer
    In Memory of Henry Boer

    Dan and Judy Bohl
    In Memory of our daughter Emily

    Jody Bossman
    In Memory of Jim Brookshire &
    Michael Brookshire

    Joel and Linda Brick
    In Memory of Wayne Schley

  • Bill and Diane Bruns
    In Memory of
    Leon (Bud) Selgestad

    Gary and Bonnie Callies
    In Memory of Helen Hedahl &
    In Honor of Betty Treloar

    Chamber of Commerce - Greater Madison Area
    Front Lines Heroes Shirts

    Dr Justin and Kari Clem
    Christmas Gift

  • Larry and Mary Ann Collignon
    In Honor of Jean Collignon

    Colman Lutheran Church WELCA
    Christmas Gift to Bethel

    Alice Crapser
    In Memory of
    Raymond and Beda Tidblom

    Randy and Linda Cundy
    In Honor of Elaine Nelson &
    In Memory of Bob Nelson

  • Patti Daniels
    In Memory of Dick Daniels &
    Barbara Daniels Meyer,
    In Honor of Mary Daniels

    Scott and Jeri Daniels
    In Honor of Mary Daniels

    Dennis and Sharrie Danielson
    In Memory of Allen Ravenberg

    John and Laurel Deniger
    In Memory of
    Gene & Janetta Deniger

  • Gary and Carole Dragseth
    In Memory of Levina Dragseth

    John and Joyce Dragseth
    In Memory of Sadie Dragseth &
    George Amert

    Marlys Drewes
    Christmas Gift

    Marv and Jackie Eich
    In Memory of
    Lawrence & Irene Eich

  • Janice Ellens
    Christmas Gift

    Eleanor Enga
    In Memory of Jim Enga Sr.

    Mark and Jeanne Even
    In Memory of Louine Schaufler
    and In Honor of Marge Even

    Dave and Carla Ewald
    In Memory of Judy Minnaert

  • Family of Helen Keever
    In Memory of Helen Keever

    Gary Fawbush
    In Memory of Linda Fawbush

    JoAnn Feldhaus
    In Memory of Raymond Feldhaus

    First Lutheran Church - Colton
    Christmas Gift to Bethel

  • Richard and Mary Garry
    In Honor of Jean Collignon

    Dave Gilbert
    In Memory of Marilou Gilbert

    Beth Glade
    In Memory of Lois Walker &
    Mabel Walker

    Grace Lutheran Church
    Christmas Gift to Bethel

  • Grace Lutheran Church
    Women of Life

    Christmas Gift to Bethel

    Grace Lutheran Church
    Women of Life

    Chaplaincy Endowment

    Chuck and Kayleen Graff
    Giving Tuesday Gift

    Tom and Debra Graff
    In Memory of
    Walter and Evelyn Lafrentz
    & Clayton and Helen Graff

  • John and Shelly Groce
    In Honor of Betty Treloar

    Lloyd Gundvaldson
    In Memory of
    Margery and Ted Gundvaldson

    Donna Haug
    In Memory of Dean Haug

    Lloyd and Rebecca Hegdahl
    Christmas Gift

  • Gene and Marilyn Hexom
    Christmas In Memory of
    Donna Lidel

    Kay Hill
    In Memory of Charles Hill

    Peggy Hoff
    Christmas Gift

    Ada Hueners
    In Memory of Gladys Costlow

  • Barb Hyland
    In Memory of Rose Mary Hyland

    Jim and Cheryl Iverson
    In Honor of Every Employee Serving at Bethel

    Warren and Marilyn Jackson
    Christmas Gift

    Bernadette Jacobson
    In Memory of Ellwood Jacobson

  • Scott and Rosie Jamison
    In Memory of Caroll Cordts,
    Wilbur Gehrels, Eugene Halverson,
    Helen Keever, Skip Overskei,
    Dorie Robbins &
    Glenn VandenBosch

    Nancy Jensen-Miller
    In Memory of Esther Gardner

    Craig and Kathie Johannsen
    In Memory of Wanda Paul

    Roger and Judy Johnson
    In Honor of all Residents

  • Lana Johnson
    In Memory of
    Edgar and Arlene Johnson

    Gary G. and Rochelle Johnson
    In Memory of Parents

    Gordon and Henrietta Johnson
    In Memory of Belle Johnson & Emma Lingle

    Charlie and Bette Johnson
    In Memory of Mary Johnson

  • Tom and Nan Jones
    In Memory of
    Janetta & Eugene Deniger

    Charlie and Donna Jones
    In Honor of
    Lowell & Pauline Larson

    Doug and Ann Koch
    In Memory of
    Clarence and Dona Tostenson

    Mark and Kathy Kontz
    Christmas Gift

  • Pastor Conrad & Verna Krahling
    Christmas Gift

    Lake Madison Lutheran
    Women of Life

    Bethel Chaplaincy Endowment Gift

    Lake Madison Lutheran
    Women of Life

    In Honor of Barb Phelps,
    Eileen Clark, Donna Budahl

    Lake Madison Lutheran
    Women of Life

    Church Activities Christmas Gift

  • Jerome and Nancy Lammers
    In Memory or Regina Lammers & Vivian Jones

    Brian and Kelli Leighton
    Giving Tuesday Gift

    JoAnn Lingbeck
    Christmas Gift

    Mary Lingbeck
    In Memory of Joe Lingbeck

  • Marsh & McLennan Agency
    Employer Matching Gift of
    Tracy Dahl-Webb

    David and Brenda Martin
    In Memory of Marge Seten

    Linda Meier
    Christmas Gift

    Bruce and Mary Ann Michalsky
    In Memory of Ernestine Klassy

  • Don and Jackie Miles
    Honor of Dedicated Workers

    Dennis & Teresa Miller
    In Memory of
    Eugene and Janetta Deniger

    Joe Minnaert
    In Memory of Judy Minnaert

    Millie Moser
    In Memory of Gene Moser

  • Janelle Nielsen
    In Memory of Jim Nielsen

    Mary Ann Olson
    In Memory of Ivan Olson

    Roger Orton
    In Memory of Barb Orton,
    William Orton, John Orton

    Our Saviors Lutheran Church WELCA
    In Memory of 5 WELCA members

  • Scott and Val Parsley
    Christmas Gift

    Drs. Wayne and Crystal Pauli
    Giving Tuesday Gift

    Marian Pedersen
    In Memory of Ernst Pedersen &
    Scott Pedersen

    Pat Pedersen
    In Memory of Scott Pedersen

  • Craig Peterson
    In Memory of Gleora Peterson

    Judson Peterson
    In Memory of Gleora Peterson

    Gerald and Carol Petri
    In Memory of Parents:
    Norman & Hildegard Hageman
    and Edward & Josephine Petri

    Gene and Patty Phillips
    In Memory of Margie Phillips & Don Gross

  • Paul and Donna Roesler
    In Honor of Patti Daniels

    Berna Schaaf
    In Memory of Martha Olson

    Joyce Schrepel
    In Memory of Jim Schrepel

    Joyce Schroeder
    Memory of Dorothy Waxdahl

  • Mark and Cathy Schultz
    Gift of Grain to Bethel In Memory of Mary Ann Schultz,
    George Schoneman, Carol White.
    In Honor of the Dedicated
    Bethel Employees

    Terry and Lori Schultz
    In Memory of Ray Schultz and
    In Honor or Marlys Schultz

    Marlys Schultz
    Christmas Gift

    Drew & Carol Skinner
    In Memory of Friends Lost in 2020

  • Ray Sloan
    Christmas Gift

    Bonnie Smith
    In Honor of Joanne Jensen

    St. Jacob's Lutheran Church ELCA
    Christmas Gift

    St. Jacob's Lutheran Church WELCA
    Christmas Gift

  • St. John Lutheran Church ELCA
    Christmas Gift

    St. John Lutheran Church
    ELCA - Ramona

    50% of 5th Sunday Offering

    St. John Lutheran Church WELCA - Ramona
    Christmas Gift

    Maynard and Pat Stock
    In Memory of
    Laurence & Sylvia Cooley

  • Bonnie Stratton
    In Memory of Sheldon Stratton

    Corey and Brenda Strom
    In Memory of David Strom

    LaDell and Phyllis Swiden
    Christmas Gift

    Helen Thiele
    Christmas Gift

  • Thrivent - Member
    Joyce Dragseth

    Action Team Gift Resident Gifts

    Steve and Renee Trapp
    In Honor of Francis Trapp

    Trinity Lutheran Church WELCA
    Christmas Gift

    Eddy and Paula Ullom
    In Memory of Maxine Burrell &
    In Honor of Betty Brookshire

  • VFW Auxiliary US to Post 2638
    Christmas Gift

    Zeno Van Erdewyk
    In Memory of Carol Van Erdewyk

    Clair and Joyce Welbon
    In Memory of Gladys Eastman

    Marian Wiese
    In Memory of LaMonte Wiese

  • Ken and Bev Winterton
    In Memory of Merlyn Winterton and In Honor of Betty O. Johnson

    Garnet and Rolland Wosje
    In Memory of Family Members

    Bob and Diann Wuttke
    In Memory of Lois Gruenhagen

    Joel and Sharon Ziebarth
    Christmas Gift

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift” ~ II Corinthians 9:15


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