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About The Bethel Foundation

Endowment Fund

About The Foundation

An endowment represents a partnership between donor and recipient. The endowment builds a connection between a passion and a purpose.

The Bethel Lutheran Home Foundation currently maintains two endowment funds, invested at the direction of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, with the interest income directed toward specific needs.

The threshold to establish an endowment at Bethel is $50,000. This can be accomplished through long-term planning, a pledge, or cash gift. The donor will work with the Bethel Foundation to establish the endowment and criteria to best suit the wishes of the donor and the needs of the Bethel Community.

Chaplaincy Endowment
The Chaplaincy Endowment was established in October 2006 to fund a chaplain and accompanying program for the Bethel Community. This endowment has been funded through estate gifts and continues to receive funding through regular giving.

Continuum of Care Endowment
The Continuum of Care Endowment was established in 2014 with the purpose of providing a source of additional funding for the operations of Bethel Lutheran Home. Through a 2015 estate gift of $200,000 from George Jorgenson, an infusion from the Bethel Foundation, and a successful capital campaign, this endowment continues to grow. The Foundation accepts gifts to this endowment through pledges, long-term gift planning, and cash gifts. Interest income from the Continuum of Care Endowment is used to enhance the living environment of the residents of the Bethel Community.

For additional information on contributing to either of the endowments at Bethel Lutheran Home, or to start an endowment of your own, contact jonas@bethelcommunity.com.

The Foundation was established in 1988 to be an advocate and to promote support of Bethel Lutheran Home.

The Bethel Lutheran Home Foundation is a nonprofit IRS Sec.501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible and are directed toward the ongoing mission and ministry of the Bethel Community.