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About The Bethel Foundation

Endowment Fund

About The Foundation

The Foundation maintains endowments. The endowment funds are invested at the direction of the Foundation's Board of Directors and resources used follow an approved endowment spending policy.   Only the interest income from an endowment would be used to provide support, when needed.

  • Chaplaincy Endowment
    The Chaplaincy Endowment was established in October of 2006. The purpose of the fund is to fully fund a chaplain and the chaplaincy program for Bethel residents, their families and staff as a part of our ministry. Since Bethel has had the chaplaincy program began, it has been funded by the Foundation. Over the years, planned gifts through estate planning, as well as other gifts have been given to the Chaplaincy Endowment. All gifts received continue to help grow the endowment fund to support the chaplaincy program for years to come.
  • Continuum of Care Endowment
    This endowment began with the purpose of providing long-term assistance toward the operations of Bethel Lutheran Home.
    • This has become even more necessary as reimbursement rates of Medicaid do not keep up with the rising costs of health care services at nursing homes, which in turn can increase the burden for private pay residents.
    • Funding from this Endowment will reduce the financial burden for all residents of Bethel Lutheran Home. It is the intent of the Board to make an annual distribution from the endowment earnings toward the operations of Bethel Lutheran Home.
    • There was an initial gift given by a Bethel Benefactor in 2014 to kick off the Endowment.
    • In 2015, the George Jorgenson estate gave a generous gift of $200,000 and the Bethel Lutheran Home Foundation Board designated $50,000 more for this endowment. That spring the Board started a capital campaign for individual supporters of Bethel for the purpose to grow this endowment. The Continuum of Care Endowment is an open-ended endowment to help support our ministry of care to residents at Bethel. The Foundation accepts gift of any size, or larger gifts through pledge payments up to a five-year period, as well as planned gifts through estate planning, and legacy gifts.

The Bethel Lutheran Home Foundation was established in 1988 to be an advocate, promote support and philanthropy for Bethel. The Foundation is a nonprofit IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible and go toward support the ongoing ministry of Bethel Community.

Your gift can matter to Bethel to help us provide resources for immediate support for resident care, enhance our resources for long term development or increase our endowment to help provide for Bethel in perpetuity. All are important for a greater impact to residents, families, our communities and for the Bethel Mission: “Sharing Christ Through Caring Service”.

Any gift may be made easily as a recurring gift through Electronic Funds Transfer. Just ask us.

Donors are recognized for their support given to the Foundation.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.”