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About The Bethel Foundation

Other Types of Gifts

About The Foundation

Memorial, In Memory or In Honor Gift - The Foundation is often blessed with gifts in memory of or in honor of a friend or loved one. A gift of support in memory or in honor of someone may be given to the Foundation in their recognition with notification to the family (in memory) or the honoree (in honor). 

Staff Scholarship Gift – Bethel wants to ensure that you can invest in those who want to provide quality care. Through your help, we can provide scholarship assistance for employees to continue their education in a health related or support services area at Bethel. Since 2013 the Foundation has had benefactors entrust the Board to promote, select and award scholarships to deserving employees who plan to continue at Bethel.

Event Gift – Supporters of Bethel may provide gifts as sponsorships, table hosts, auction contributors, prizes, host a team or a service in kind to help generate funds or defray expenses. Please contact Rosie to learn more.

General Gift – If you want to provide support and do not have a specific area of preference, the Foundation accepts your gift and the Board will use it to the highest needs Bethel Administration and Foundation determine.

Church Gifts – Owner or area community churches have partnered with the Foundation and designated Bethel as their mission or partner for gifts. We provide opportunity for community churches and owner churches to hold services and visit residents at Bethel as the community ministry of care provider.

Employer or Member Designated Gift - You may choose to give to Bethel as a recipient of an employer matching gift to your charity of choice and name Bethel. Just ask your employer if they have a matching program.

As a member of certain groups and agencies they may ask you to designate a non-profit charitable organization to receive your member charitable contributions. Please consider the Bethel Lutheran Home Foundation as a recipient. Or, apply for their grant programs to benefit Bethel as a charitable organization within the community.

Payroll Gift - Ask your employer if you may provide a gift to Bethel through payroll deduction by electronic funds transfer to Bethel from your payroll check. It is a simple way to make a difference. Contact us for the form to do so.

Non-Cash Gifts – Occasionally, Foundation has support that is donated through a non-cash item to meet a specific need. Please contact the Foundation if this is an area that may be an needed item for us.

The Bethel Lutheran Home Foundation was established in 1988 to be an advocate, promote support and philanthropy for Bethel. The Foundation is a nonprofit IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible and go toward support the ongoing ministry of Bethel Community.

Your gift can matter to Bethel to help us provide resources for immediate support for resident care, enhance our resources for long term development or increase our endowment to help provide for Bethel in perpetuity. All are important for a greater impact to residents, families, our communities and for the Bethel Mission: “Sharing Christ Through Caring Service”.

Any gift may be made easily as a recurring gift through Electronic Funds Transfer. Just ask us.

Donors are recognized for their support given to the Foundation.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.”